Privacy Statement

Broadland Windows Privacy Statement

May 2018

Broadland Windows Limited declare within this document their application of GDPR principles to their valued customers, clients and persons using our website and business services.

Broadland Windows Limited
148 Hellesdon Park Road
Norwich, NR6 5DR
01603 483002
Company Number: 01182840

Registered Office
Yare House
62-64 Thorpe Road
Norwich NR1 1RY
01603 615914


We believe we may legitimately collect data – which is for our own business use.
(Broadland Windows do not pass on any data – (with the exception of third Party registration organisation such as FENSA which is a legal requirement for self-certification under the Building Regulations; They will retain the essential documentation for 10 years))
The data can be split between Commercial Clients and Retail Clients.

Commercial Clients we regard as Builders, Contractors, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Developers and the like.
We hold business addresses, contact names within the business together with their contact Telephone numbers and email addresses. The listing data for individuals within the Commercial Client will be removed from our data on request and three months after notification of person leaving their position.

Retail Clients
The data for which is separated between Prospects and Customers.
On purchase Prospects become Customers.

We have assessed the business requirement for analysis of point of contact, advertising spend, advertising type, region, product and value. To continue to effectively run our business we shall automatically collate and retain for a period of 36 months. Our Retail Clients often take this length of decision time and we are sure they would find this time acceptable with minimum privacy impact.
Additionally the actual source of how contact began is retained with Prospect anonymity.

Online Data and use is defined further on within this statement.

Retail Customers
On becoming a customer our business requires to collate and hold contact telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses and product purchase records. It is reasonable and understandable that 24 months after end of warranty period that the data should be removed.
Broadland window will undertake to do so.

Online Contact Data
By using our website and/or access to our website via paid for SEO advertisement click through costs, the user accepts that IP data (cookies) is collected. Analytics use enables Broadland Windows to make reasonable advertising spend business decisions. Cookie data is retained for 72 hours for this and the users experience benefit, as we find most make repeat visits to our site. No data is knowingly passed to others. Our Webmasters have their own policy explaining the actions they take on our behalf. You may control and exclude the use of cookies via your browser.

The collected information is used to target and remarket our services to users of our website and those who search for our services.

Web Form Contact – when filled and sent passes through to action as a Prospect Analytic information is used by Broadland Windows and their Webmasters with full anonymity for the person accessing the website or SEO adverts. We do not market direct from any data collected to enable the analytic function of web sources.

Removal of your data.
In addition to the communicated end dates noted above you may at anytime via our address write to request the data we hold on you and full removal/ editing/ clarification if required.

Data Storage.
Broadland Windows use Cloud Storage system to manage and backup and therefore our data is held both within the storage supplier’s locale and our own computer Server. Our Network provider look after this for us. More information may be obtained from them on request.